A Tree or a Post

Frank Jamerson

 “A tree and a post stood side by side. At first, the tree was small and slender, and could have been easily broken off. The post was large and solid and supported a fence. The forces of nature began their work and the post rotted and fell to the earth. The tree grew a little each year until it became sturdy and useful.

What was the difference? One was dead, and the other was alive! Are you like the tree or the post?”

The above illustration shows clearly two kinds of lives. Paul taught that one who was dead in sin becomes alive in Christ when he is “buried in baptism and raised to walk in newness of life” (Rom. 6:3-4). The Christian is expected to grow, for the same reason a tree grows, he is alive! Those who do not continue to assimilate food and grow will die. Are you like a tree, or a post?

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