Are We Complacent About Sin?

Mike Johnson

Many years ago my wife and I moved into a house that was very close to a well-traveled train track. Trains traveled on the tracks throughout the night.  At first, the whistles from the trains woke us up.  Before long, however, our sleep was rarely disturbed by the passing trains as we grew accustomed to the noise.  Similarly, many people, to their detriment, become complacent about sin.

Actually, the Bible teaches that we are to hate sin.  Romans 12:9 says we are to “abhor” (hate) that which is evil, and we are to “cleave” to that which is good.   Hating evil, we are disturbed by it and should not want to have any part in it.  I Peter 3:10-11 says that we are to “eschew” (avoid) evil, and I Thessalonians 5:17 says that we are to abstain from every form of evil.

Sin is commonly practiced around us.  Songs with unwholesome themes play on the radio.  Television is filled with bad language, sex, and various forms of immorality, and these kinds of activities are portrayed as acceptable and normal.  When Christians choose these forms of entertainment, they may (at first)  be disturbed by what they see. However, in time, we can grow complacent toward the sin and before long begin to engage in it.   It has been said that at first we oppose, then we tolerate, and finally, we endorse or embrace.  We must keep away from this digressive process, and  never lose our hatred and disgust of sin.