“Are You A Rusty Nail?”

A strong magnet may be held over an old rust-eaten shapeless nail without meeting any response. A bright, shining nail will leap to the magnet, attract another and through it draw yet another until several are attached. That is how Christians are. A really genuine, active, shining Christian has a tremendous attraction to Christ, is magnetized with his love and purity, attracted by his power. And through that Christian, Christ can draw others to him to share the same power and attraction. But a rusty, unpolished, corroded Christian, cranky, defiled and selfish has very little attraction, and through him the power of Christ to win the world cannot flow. God has enough power to wipe out every vice and every evil doctrine of this world, but he needs conductors. Rusty, untaught, and unpracticed church members neither draw others to God nor are drawn near themselves. Your religion must be intensive before it can be extensive.

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