Years ago a young man knelt with his preacher and prayed as he committed himself to give a tenth of what he made to the Lord. His first week’s pay was $10.00 and the tenth was $1.00. As he grew older, he became more prosperous and his tenth became $5.00, then $7.50, then $10.00. He moved to another city and soon his tenth was $100.00 a week. He sent his old friend a wire: “Come and see me, at once!”

The minister arrived at the man’s beautiful home. They had a good time talking over old times. Finally, the man came to the point. “You remember that promise I made years ago to give a tenth of all I made to the Lord? How can I get released from it?” he asked. “Why do you want to be released?” the preacher inquired of his old friend. “It’s like this,” the man replied, “When I made that promise, I only had to give $1.00, but NOW it is $100.00. I can’t afford to give money away like that.”

The old preacher looked at his friend. “I’m afraid we cannot get a release from that promise, but there IS SOMETHING WE CAN DO! We can kneel here and ask God to shrink up your income so you can AFFORD to give a dollar!”