A Faithful Man Who Served God Above Many

Mike Johnson

The book of Nehemiah tells about the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem done by the Jews who returned from the Babylonian captivity.  Nehemiah appointed Hanani, his brother, and Hananiah as rulers of Jerusalem after the walls were completed. It is interesting to note the statement made about Hananiah at this time.  Nehemiah 7:2 says his appointment was because, “he was a faithful man, who feared God more than many.”  No doubt, there were many in Jerusalem who feared God.  Hananiah, however, was more serious in his devotion than most.  We know very little information about this person, but this statement says a great deal.
When someone dies, good things are often said about their life – the person’s life is often summarized.  Whether we had a lot of money, were an important civic leader, or whether we were highly regarded by the people of the world will matter little when the Judgment comes.  If after we die, it could truly be said of us that we were faithful to God and we feared Him above many that would be the most important statement made about us that could be said.  The only matter of importance then will be whether we were in a proper relationship with God.  Does the statement made about Hananiah summarize our lives today?  Are we faithful to God, and do we fear Him more than many?