“Get the Man Together For A Better World”

Clarence DeLoach

A small boy anxiously waited all day for his dad to get home. Finally his father arrived dragging his body into the house from an especially hard day’s work.

The little boy had all kinds of playful ideas he wanted to share with his father. Over and over the boy tugged at his dad’s leg for attention. Finally, with frustration, the father ripped from a magazine a picture of the world and tore it into several pieces. “Here,” he said, “go put the world back together.”

Ah, “peace at last,” he thought. But in just a few minutes the boy was back with a crudely scotch-taped picture of the world. “Son, that’s incredible, how did you get it back together so fast?” the father asked.

“It was easy,” said the boy, “there was a picture of a man on the back, and as soon as I got the man back together, the world came together.”