Jimmy Tuten

I am reminded of an old Spanish parable about a man, a boy, and a donkey.  They were all three walking down a dusty road on a hot summer day.  Someone passed and they overheard him say, “Look at those foolish people walking when they could be riding the donkey.”  Not wanting to appear foolish, the man and his son climbed on the donkey.  They had ridden a short distance when another passerby exclaimed, “Look at the poor donkey carrying those two people.  Aren’t they heartless?”  At this point the son climbed down and walked beside the father and the donkey.  Then someone said, “Look at that inconsiderate man making that poor little boy walk when he rides.”  Upon hearing this the father and the boy changed places.  Still they had not satisfied their fellow man who said, “Look at the young man riding and that poor old man walking in the heat of the day.”

So the son climbed down.  They tied the feet of the donkey to a pole and proceeded to carry the donkey.  Everyone then exclaimed, “Look at those foolish, foolish people.”

This only goes to show that you can’t please everybody.  Have you ever tried?  Strive to please God and stop worrying about what others think.