You Can … But You Can’t

You can ignore God’s warnings: you can refuse His blessing; you can reject all his wondrous love; but you can’t go to heaven doing so.

You can believe any doctrine you choose; you can belong to the church of your choice; you can worship God as you please; but you can’t please God doing so (2 John 9; John 8:32; Matthew 15:9,13; Hebrews 11:6; Romans 10:17).

It seems that Satan has done a remarkable job of convincing the people that their religion is a matter of their choice, not God’s; that it is a matter of their being pleased, not God; that is, if they are pleased, then God must be.

People insist, “I have a right to believe as I please. I have a right to join the church of my choice. I have a right to worship God as I see fit.” And I reply, “Yes, you most certainly do. Not only does the constitution of our great nation give us this privilege, but so does God himself. ‘Choose this day whom ye will serve’ is the way God would have it.”

God created man a free moral agent — that is, He made him with the power to choose. You are admonished to choose between right and wrong, between false doctrine and the truth, between worshiping God as He directs and thus please Him and worshiping God as you are pleased to have it, between being a member of some denomination started by man and being a member of the church, between heaven and hell — yes, you have a right to go to hell, but do you prefer to exercise that right?

Yes YOU CAN do as you please — BUT YOU CAN’T please God at the same time.

                                                                                                              – by B.G. Hope