The Strength of a Church

It is well to look at the strength of a congregation and then learn how to increase it. A Church’s strength does not necessarily depend on the number of its members. Many times we misjudge strength because we estimate strength by the number of members. We “count noses” rather than seek spirituality, maturity and loyalty to God’s word.

It is possible for a church to have a large membership and yet be a very weak congregation. We sometimes hear people say that a certain congregation is “strong.” They make this statement often solely on the large size of its membership. Sometimes a few faithful members constitute a stronger church than great numbers of unconverted people.

A membership half-converted and half-taught is a very weak church! Often times withdrawals or subtractions would increase the strength of a congregation; sometimes subtractions are better than additions.

The Lord can, and very often does, work with very few faithful ones.

                                                                                                Author Unknown