Churches & Recreation

Larry Hafley

By teaching the word of God and caring for its needy, each church of Christ fulfills its divinely appointed duties of evangelism, edification, and benevolence.  All who would engage the church in other activities have no authority for their practices.

Money is obtained by the church to meet its responsibilities (I Cor. 16:1,2).  The church may use these funds to perform its authorized assignments.  It is a misappropriation of the Lord’s money to use it for things that do not serve the work of the church.  Therefore, to use the Lord’s money for “fun, food, frolic” is unauthorized and sinful.  New Testament churches were not entertainment centers in the first century and should not be so now.

Many social activities are good for Christians, but these are not the mission of the church.  Brethren may fish and drink coffee together, but the Bible does not authorize the church to furnish the worms and the Maxwell House.  The New Testament does not include sensual entertainment or physical recreation as a work of the church.

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