Daddy, What Is A Christian?

A little boy once asked his father, “Daddy, what is a Christian?”

The father thought for a minute, then replied, “Son, a Christian believes in God and in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  He has heard the gospel of Christ and in faith obeyed it.  This means that he repented of his  sins  and  confessed  Jesus to be God’s Son.  He was then baptized for the remission of sins.  When he did this, the Lord added him to His church.”

“He loves God very much.  He loves his family, his brethren, his neighbors, and even his enemies.  He is one who takes his religion seriously.  He lives it seven days a week.  He worships God with other disciples at every available opportunity.  He really enjoys his service to God.  He is not covetous or stingy, but from a generous and cheerful heart gives his money to help others and further the Lord’s work.”

“He prays frequently and fervently.  He chooses his words carefully at all times.  He does not choose good words when he assembles with the saints, then uses bad words on the job or elsewhere.  He is kind, considerate, gentle, patient, caring and in general is a good neighbor and citizen.  He reads the Bible regularly and shares it with anyone who is willing to study.  He leads his family in praying with them and for them.  He is dependable in the work of promoting God’s truth.  He is hospitable, visits the sick, is honest in his dealings, and is a good example to others. He loves and is loved.  These are just a few of the things that constitute a Christian.”

The boy thought for a moment and then asked, “Have I ever seen one?”

                                                                                             #  author unknown