Ellen Kyle

 If your life was the only Bible others were able to read,

How would you tell God’s story to a world in desperate need?

Could those who never opened God’s book still learn of God’s love and care?

Would they see a Christ-like example, the one God tells us to wear?

Would they see the same love that Christ had, for the lost souls on this earth?

Would the way that you treat your brother reflect what a soul is worth?

Would you be an example to others of gentleness, faith and love?

For these are virtues that can only be gained by trusting in God above.

Would you teach meekness and temperance in all that you say and do?

Would others see peace, longsuffering and joy, as the fruits of God’s spirit shine through?

Would your life be such an example that souls to Christ you could lead,

If your life was the only Bible they were ever able to read?