One “Round Tuit” for Everyone

At long last we have a sufficient supply so that we can include one tuit in each copy of the bulletin.  Please cut out and save.  Guard it!  Don’t lose it!  Don’t lend it!  These tuits have been hard to come by, especially the round ones.  But now, by special arrangement, yours is printed here!  We rejoice with you because the demand has been great and now each family has one tuit.  We now expect many changes.  Many problems will be solved and Sunday’s attendance should at least double now that each family has one tuit available for them.

For you see, so many have said, “Preacher, I will get started to church just as soon as I get a round tuit.”  Others have said, “I know I should come to Sunday and Wednesday evening services; I just never seem to get a round tuit.”  Or, “I’ve been wanting to begin a program of giving as I have been prospered,” or “I’ve been planning to start visiting and teach people, or teaching a Bible class, but there’s often so much to do and we’ve been busy that we just haven’t gotten a round tuit.”

Now all that is past!  Everyone has his own tuit, and I know that great things are in store for the congregation.