The Young People

Greg Gwin

More and more we hear folks deciding to attend a certain ‘church’ because “there are lots of good activities for the young people”. Often it is the sole basis for making this important determination. ‘Programs’, ‘activities’, and ‘groups’ for the young people – that’s the drawing card.

And, what activities are these folks searching for? Are we talking here about carefully arranged Bible classes that seek to instill an understanding of God’s word in the hearts of our young people? Is it sound teaching from the pulpit and scrip­tural practice in the way the church does its business so that the young folks can learn respect for Bible authority? Is it love between brethren that manifests itself by each individual demonstrating “hospitality one to another” (1 Pet. 4:9).

Sadly, the answer is no. Instead, the activities that are desired “for the young people” are fun and games – ‘youth groups’ that sponsor parties, retreats, outings, camps, softball and basketball leagues, etc. The bigger the better and the more the merrier seem to be the rule.

Lest anyone misunderstand, let it be known that we love basketball, baseball, camping, parties . . . and fun and food in general!  We strongly favor such things being provided as an avenue of ‘good, clean fun’ for our young folks. But we insist that there is no authority in the Bible for the church to provide such. Let parents who really care see to it that the kids have these needed diversions, and let the church keep to its important au­thorized work. There’s nothing better for our young people than this.