Mike Johnson

People use the Bible in many different ways.  Sadly, some only use the Bible as a place to record marriages, births, deaths, etc. Some people use it to swear on, sometimes calling for an entire stack.  Others use it just as an ornament for a living room table, thinking that others will be impressed.

However, the Bible is the Word of God and should be looked upon with much respect, and it should be used for the purpose which God intended.  It is important to note that the Bible:

  • is able to “saved our souls” (James 1:21),
  • is to be our guide ( Ps. 119:105),
  • must be obeyed (Heb. 5:8-9),
  • will judge us (Jn. 12:48).

How do you regard the Bible?  Do you live by it?  Do you learn from it?  It is important to regard God’s Word in the right way and to use for its intended purpose.