There is a true story of a man who took a young boa constrictor and began to train it to climb around the different limbs of his body.  As the snake grew to be of immense size, the man made his living by giving public appearances with the snake entwined about him.  His friends warned him to be careful, but he laughed at them.  He knew what he was doing, he could control the snake.

    One day the snake became angry as the man stood with it encircling his body.  It began to squeeze and to tighten its grip more and more until the man found himself being choked to death.  He called or tried to call for help, but his audience cheered, thinking it was a part of the show.  Tighter the snake drew around him until it crushed his bones and he was strangled to death.  He fell down and died in the embrace of the monster that he THOUGHT he could control.

      Perverted desire is but a serpent that may have been easily controlled at first, but soon it will become the master, for the old serpent called the devil, which deceiveth the whole world, is still deceiving men today and is going about seeking whom he may devour.

                                                                                                                           —-via The Visitor.