Some time ago there was a faithful dog who was a constant companion of a small child.  One day both the dog and child disappeared.  A diligent search by parents, friends, and neighbors proved to be fruitless.  The child could not be found.

After several hours the dog returned home, but was covered with blood.  Naturally, the father jumped to the conclusion that the dog had become vicious and killed the child.  The dog must be destroyed, so he got his gun and killed the dog.

A little later, the child was found in the woods unharmed.  Nearby was the body of a panther that the dog had killed in his struggle to protect the child.

So often we are guilty of conclusion jumping.  We take action, or at least express our opinion before considering all the facts.  The result is usually unpleasant and at times irreparable damage is done.

So, be careful about what you think, say, and do.  You might be guilty of shooting the dog that ought to be praised.

                                                                                                                  -via “The Sunny Hill Bulletin”