Could I Be Wrong?

canadian pharmacy online  There was a man who had a picture of the leaning tower of Pisa on the wall. Every morning, it was hanging crooked. He found out that the maid was twisting the picture to make the tower straight. Lots of people look into God’s Word and find out that it does not harmonize with their lives or religious beliefs. They try to twist the Word of God to fit their beliefs or lives instead of correcting their doctrine to fit the Word of God generic vardenafil.

levitra online Then there was the fellow who ordered a barometer and received it through the mail. The hand pointed to “Storm”. He shook it to unstick the hand but it did not turn back. In disgust, he packed up the barometer and returned it to the manufacturer, thinking that it was faulty. That night a terrible storm destroyed the whole area around him. He thought the barometer was wrong. Many people are warned of the certainty of God’s judgment on the wicked but they refuse to believe that it could be right. You can refuse to prepare if you want to, but rest assured that God’s vengeance is sure.

Then there was the woman who got up in the middle of the night to get her sleepless husband some sleeping pills. In the dark she got the wrong bottle and gave him some poison. In the morning, when her husband was discovered dead, the police figured out what the woman had done and explained it to her. The woman became very angry and refused to believe her husband was dead, because she thought she was giving him the right medicine. Although she thought she was right, she was still wrong buy viagra online.

erection pills Many people today are trusting their feelings to take them to heaven. When they are shown that feelings are not reliable, but rather more likely to deceive them, they become angry. People can trust their feelings, but unless they are based on the testimony of the New Testament, they will be false and deceive.


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