The Cornbread Habit

A. G. Hobbs, Jr.

“There is a man who has the ‘cornbread habit! He just had to have a piece of cornbread every twenty or thirty minutes. Every morning as soon as he awakens, the first thing he thinks about is his cornbread. He eats a piece before he dresses, and sometimes he even wakes up in the night craving cornbread. After breakfast he eats another piece and goes off to work with his pockets full of cornbread, which he eats every few minutes all day.

“On the way home, he stops at the store for more cornbread for fear his wife has forgotten, to get any, Once she did forget and he got so ill-tempered that he had to drive five miles before bedtime in order to get some. Otherwise he was so irritable that he just yelled at her and the children.

“This man attends worship, but the last thing he does before he enters the church building is to stand on the curb and eat another hunk of cornbread. Then he throws the crust and the sack on the sidewalk and goes in. Between class and worship he rushes outside and eats another piece of cornbread. After the ‘amen’ he joins the other cornbread eaters on the sidewalk and the crumbs fly!

“Poor man! He is really a SLAVE to cornbread!”