“Green Side Up”

Horticulture is an “in” thing around our house.  As most are aware, our eldest son is fully involved in that field.  Although we have never had this experience with James, it is a story that has been around for considerable time.  Let me share it with you and then make some applications.

A realtor was showing off a model home to some prospective customers.  Every few minutes she would step over to the window and yell out “Green side up!”  The customers looked at one another and assumed it was just some oddity that the realtor was involved in.  After listening to this several times, they decided to step over toward the window to see what was happening.  As they did so, the realtor explained, “I have several people laying sod on the back yard of this model home.  I have to keep reminding them to put the green side up.  We might conclude that she had hired either the most incompetent sod layers, or that she had someone who was lacking in intelligence engaged in the work.

Regardless, sometimes we get things wrong side up.  We change the order of things.  Have you ever called someone and found that you had hit the wrong keys on the phone?  You didn’t get the party you wanted, did you?  There are many such blunders we might make in the physical realm.

Here is one that is often made in the spiritual realm.  Some switch the order of Mark 16:16, so they teach that you believe and are saved, then later you should be baptized.  The Bible teaches, “He who believes and is baptized will be saved….”  Notice that both “believes and is baptized” precede “will be saved.”  Which is the green side up?  It is to lay the foundation as God gave it through His son.  “He who believes and is baptized will be saved!