How to Make a Failure out of Life

  1. Follow the line of least resistance. Be neutral on moral and spiritual issues.  Straddle the fence.
  2. Alienate yourself from the church membership. Go to church when you “feel” like it and when it is most convenient.
  3. Indulge you carnal appetites. Take it easy on Sunday and never go to church.  Be lazy and selfish.  Accept the pleasures offered by the world.
  4. Look at the inconsistencies and sins of others. Pick flaws, find faults, and criticize.  Ignore your own faults.
  5. Unite with worldly organizations. Become a member of some club or fraternity.  They do lots of good, and you don’t have to compromise your convictions to belong.
  6. Run around with people who have nothing to do with Christ and his church. Don’t bring religion into your social life.
  7. Eclipse your salvation with worldly interests. After all, you have a living to make.  Put dollars and business ahead of your commitment to Christ.