What Is Personal Work?

  1. It is discussing the cause of Christ with a friend.
  2. It is handing out a tract on a particular subject.
  3. It is inviting an acquaintance to attend worship with you.
  4. It is telling and showing your neighbor the happiness of being a Christian.
  5. It is ringing doorbells on Sunday afternoon in the name of Christ.
  6. It is teaching a home bible study.
  7. It is visiting the home of your student in class.
  8. It is inviting the neighborhood children to go with you to Bible study.
  9. It is explaining to your co-workers the truth.
  10. It is writing a letter to a loved one expressing your interest about their soul.
  11. It is going to the trouble of having a prospect in your home for dinner and a Bible study.
  12. It is planting simple truths of God’s Word in conversation with others.
  13. It is lovingly, but courageously correcting false ideas about the Word of God.
  14. It is encouragement given to a new member.
  15. It is exhorting a lax brother or sister to be more faithful in assembling with the saints.
  16. It is teaching, reproving and rebuking the worldly and the indifferent.
  17. It is comforting those who are experiencing troubles, heartache or bereavement.
  18. It is bringing sunshine and cheer to those who are hospitalized or shut-in.
  19. It is sending a card to those who are not a services letting them know you missed them.
  20. It is seeking and saving the lost. It may be a class drop-out, a lamb that is bewildered or a sheep that has strayed.