A Work With Purpose

 A man who ran a lumber yard was in the process of hiring a foreman.  Three men applied for the job.  They each were assigned the task of moving a pile of brick from one side of the lumberyard to the other.  Upon completion of this task, they were told to move the brick back to the original place.  This process continued all day.  At the end of the day, the three mean were paid and told to come back again the next day.  One of the three men said, “I need work, but I will not be back.  I will not work without a purpose.”  The owner replied, “You are the one I want.  I have a job for you — leading men.”

Being a disciple of Jesus does involve work.  It demands a different home life.  It entails time, money and energy.  It means hard work each day on the job of being a Christian.  Such effort , however, is not just busy work, nor is it senseless sacrifice.  What we give up seems small when we realize our work does have real purpose– LEADING ON ANOTHER TO THE MASTER!