True Life

The goal of the gospel is to prepare people for heaven.  Its emphasis centers upon happiness in a life to come rather than upon this life.  “For what profit is it to be a man,” Jesus once asked, “if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?”  The Lord would teach us to look through faith beyond the suffering and heartaches of this life to a life free of suffering and heartaches; to lay up treasures in heaven rather than upon the earth.  He wants us in our preaching to proclaim a message of salvation through His blood, to bring to people’s consideration those things that are eternal.  But when we succeed in leading men and women to surrender their lives in favor of the life to come, we lead them into gaining, not only heaven, but also the peace and contentment that make for real happiness upon his earth.  “He who finds his life shall lose it, “Jesus said, “and he who loses his life for my shake shall find it.”