You Won’t Want to Miss These


A preacher in Arkansas really caused a disturbance when he made a public announcement of his upcoming sermons.  He mentioned that the theme would be “The Worthlessness of Our Christianity” and that some of the lesson titles would be:

  • More Important Things To Do Than Study The Bible
  • A Little Smoking, Drinking, and Chasing Women Never Hurt Anyone
  • We Are Far More Advanced Than The Morals of The Bible
  • The Useless Time You Waste In Prayer
  • Do As You Please In Spite Of What The Elders Say
  • The Stupidity Of Personal Work
  • Importance of Spending Money Sensually Instead of Spiritually
  • The Greater Value of Television Over Assembling With The Church

What would be your reaction to a preacher that suggested these as sermon titles?  We couldn’t imagine such gall, such unmitigated brass, or such unholy subjects being preached on from the pulpit, could we?  We would not stand for it, would we?  We’d immediately stop the preacher who would do such things, wouldn’t we?  But, brethren, we teach by the way we live— and is that not what some are now preaching by their lives?  What are you preaching?