The Note on the Door

Charlie T. Garner

(This is a true story.  I know personally the parties involved.)

Love dwindled, unhappiness and dissatisfaction grew, daily fussing and fighting characterized the relationship of the husband and wife, and ultimately, a divorce wrecked the home, leaving two bewildered, emotionally scarred children in its wake.  The father gained custody and the mother went her own way, doing her own thing.

The children loved their mother.  Strange thing about love- it’s so often blind to the faults of those we love.  Months went by and the mother longed to see her children.  She mustered up the courage to visit.  Leaving her car at the curb, she walked to the front door only to find no one at home.  But, posted on the door was a note from the youngest of her two boys, the seven-year-old.  It read, “Mother, I’m at the park.  Please come to the park.”  She hurriedly made her way to the park, and there, sure enough, was the little fellow.  After the preliminary hugs and kisses, the mother, still amazed by the note, said, “Honey, how did you know I was coming to see you today?”

“Oh, I didn’t, he answered.”

“But, what made you put the note on the door if you didn’t know I was coming?”

In response, the love-starved little one said, “I put a note on the door every day, every time I leave, cause I knew you’d be coming to see me.”

“I knew you’d be coming to see me!”  I wonder if there are not those out there – life’s rejects, those hurt by cruel circumstances, those whose life seems to be hopelessly going nowhere, those groping for some spiritual meaning in their lives, who are daily placing a note on their door which reads, “I’m not at home just now, but please – PLEASE – come find me!”

The world is filled with people who do not know who they need to talk to or just how to solve their heavy, seemingly unbearable problems, but they are confident that someone, somewhere has those answers and the someone cares enough to go looking for them.”

Someone is waiting for YOU!  Christians, with the Good Book in their hands and love in their hearts have those answers.  On someone’s door out there is a note which reads, “I knew you’d come looking for me.”  Let’s not fail them.  Out there, somewhere, someone is waiting on you.

                                                                                 via Fritch, Texas bulletin