The Farmer

 A minister once visited a farmer to talk with him about Christ and invite him to Church.  “Why, I would not come to church up there,” the farmer said, “I know old (bland) and (blank) and they don’t live any better than me.  I’m as good as they are.”  Everywhere the farmer went he told about the hypocrites in the church.

The months passed and the minister went to see the farmer again.  “Let me buy a hog,” the preacher said.  The farmer showed him all his best hogs.  Then they came to a runt.  “That’s the one I want,” the preacher said.  “But you don’t want that runt, do you?” asked the farmer  “Yes, I sure do,” was the preacher’s reply.  They loaded the runt in the truck and as the preacher left he said, “Now I’m going all over the country, and I will tell folks that this is the kind of hogs you raise.”  “That isn’t fair,” the farmer said, “I have some nice hogs and you want to show people the runt.”

“If it’s fair for the church, it’s fair for the hogs,” answered the preacher.