This Could Never Happen

Frank Dunn

A customer shopping in a store came to an item that was marked 98 cents.  Thinking the price too high, he wrote 49 cents.  The customer did this to several articles.  At last he came down before the checker with the cart filled with marked down items.  The checker began to check.  Noticing the changed prices he remarked: “I’m sorry we priced those items too high for you; it was perfectly acceptable for you to change the prices.

Certainly this is absurd, but thousands of people will stand before the Lord Jesus on the other side of life with a life-long list of marked down activities.  Instead of faithful attendance, they will bring before Him irregular attendance.  Instead of liberal giving, they will bring before Him giving that was sparing.  Instead of complete obedience, they will bring only partial obedience.  Do you think that our Lord will say, “I’m sorry that I made the requirements too high for you.  Pass on through—heaven is yours?”