Church-wise, the following three people in our community may prove threatening for their not-too-common ways.

The first person is Brother Usta.  Usta is the person who “usta” attend Bible Class and church regularly.  He “usta” teach a class and be a deacon, an elder, or hold a position of leadership in the church  He “usta” but he isn’t now.

The second person is Brother Gonna.  He’s just full of good intentions.  He is “gonna” start attending Bible class and worship one of these days.  He is “gonna” support the church with his offerings, etc.  But “Gonna” never becomes a doer.

Then, there is Brother Oughta.  He will readily tell you what we “oughta” do, and he always knows exactly how we “ought” to be active and involved in the life of the church, but this he refuses to do this himself.

We love the souls of Usta and Gonna and we Oughta but we find ourselves somewhat confounded as to how to best reach them.  At least, we can avoid becoming like any one of them.  Advice: Watch your mirror carefully.