Delton Porter

Perhaps you have heard of Dooley the Moonshiner about whom a song has been written.  According to the song, when Dooley died “they laid a jug beside him and a barrel for a stone.”  It seems they put with his body what was associated with him in life, to show how he had lived.

What do you think tombstones would have on them if they had images carved on them depicting what the people buried there thought about and did the most.  Would there be a big house and a bit of land?  What about that big car or that motor home carved on that stone?  How many tombstones would have television sets carved on them?  What about that person whispering in an ear all the “hotline” gossip? And there would be some with pill bottles and thermometers on them for those sick on Sunday and Wednesday nights, but able to work nearly any day? Others might have offices and factories engraved on them because the jobs of the decease always come first.  Some would likely have dollar marks to cover many things that came before the kingdom of God.  We might be embarrassed if we knew our tombstones would tell the most important things in our lives, as Dooley’s did.  Don’t insult God in the judgment day by saying you did not have time to serve Him on earth.

We need to think daily about our lives here and the judgment to come, when every secret thing we have done which has been wrong and unforgiven will be made known.  Eternity is too long and hell is to horrible to risk facing the judgment unprepared.

                                                                                                                  Via “The Way of Truth