The farmer and his family, after a hard year of typical farm work, were rewarded with an unusually fine crop of grain.  There were happy days ahead.

Just a few days before harvest came a terrible wind and hail storm.  The entire crop was destroyed!  After the storm was over, the farmer, with his wife and little boy at his side, went out to the back porch to view the field and the damage.

The little boy looked at what was formerly a beautiful field of wheat, and tearfully looked up at his dad expecting to hear words of despair.

All at once his father started to sing softly, “Rock of Ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee….”  Years later, the little boy now grown said, “That was the greatest sermon I have ever heard.”

The farmer had lost a grain crop, but because of his faith, manifested in great trail, he had gained forever for the Lord the soul of his son.  The son saw the faith of a godly man in practice!

Author Unknown