Earl Kimbrough

Jesus said, “Strive to enter in by the narrow door.”  (Lk. 13:24, RSV)  Truth is always narrow.  This is true of all truth.  Two plus two equals four.  Of all the answers that might be given as the sum of two plus two, only one is right.  A person who accepts the correct answer is necessarily “narrow-minded”—just as narrow in mind as the truth.  Religious truth is also narrow.  Whatever Christ teaches is truth and however “broadminded” one might be, it will not change that fact.  One’s mind should be only broad enough to accept whatever is true, and it should be narrow enough to exclude whatever is not truth.  When two things contradict, one or both are false.  Truth does not contradict itself.  The man who tries to accept all teaching in religion as “alright” if sincerely believed, would be a fool if he so acted in any other realm.  Why does religion make it different?