“Come on, Don’t Growl & Grumble

Siz I to myself, as I grumbled and growled,

I’m sick of the church, and then how I scowled.

The members aren’t friendly—the sermons too long;

In fact, I think the preacher’s all wrong.

I don’t like the singing; it’s all a disgrace

And signs of neglect are all over the place.

I’ll quit going there; I won’t give a dime.


Then sez my conscience, “Alas!” sez he,

“The trouble with you is you’re too blind to see

That the church reflects you, whatever it be.

Come now, quit talking and serve cheerfully.

  Stop all your faultfinding and boost it strong.”

“So pray for your brethren and sing as you work;

For churches aren’t built by members who shirk!”

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