Hugh Davis

Preach a sermon preacher but make it short and sweet;
Our stomachs strike at twelve o’clock a hungering for to eat.

Preach a sermon preacher with words so smooth and fair;
For philosophy and theory we are thirsting; for scripture we don’t care.

Preach a sermon preacher, punctuate it with jokes;
Fill it with your yarns and tales and entertain us folks.

Preach a sermon preacher, we don’t care what you say,
As long as you leave us all alone and fire the other way.

Preach a sermon preacher and don’t get too specific;
As long as you generalize, we think you are terrific.

Preach a sermon preacher, make it good and plain,
But don’t you dare get so close as to call sin by its name.

Preach a sermon preacher and preach it round or flat;
We love to play at hide-and-seek and guessing where you’re at.

Preach a sermon preacher, make it what we love to hear;
We’ll pat you on your spineless back while you scratch our itching ears.