David D. Bonner

Sometimes people ask what are we doing for our young people. We are teaching them the Bible. What are we doing for the old folks, faithful saints, unfaithful people, people who are not even Christians? Since the Bible is all we have, we are trying to teach all of them the Bible.

We use the Bible to “hold” people, keep them faithful, get them stronger, encourage them in their family relationships, get them to rear their children in the proper way, get them to be the right kind of neighbors, friends, citizens, etc. What else is the Lord’s church supposed to do? Since the Bible is all we have, we don”t know how to do anything without it.

Some apparently are trying to grow by letting the “church” furnish parties, skating socials, ping pong socials, hay rides, etc. Such socials may round up some people who are interested in such things. But when people know the Bible does not authorize the local church to engage in any such affairs, they will not be impressed. God gave us the BIBLE. The church is to teach it to all the world (1 Thess. 1:8; Phil 2:16). As individuals, we’re to be hospitable. But as the local church, THE BIBLE IS ALL WE HAVE.