A.C. Moore

 I recently read a story of a father who took his little child out into the woods one Sunday afternoon for a stroll. It being a very hot day he lay down under a beautiful shade tree. The little child ran here and there gathering flowers and blades of grass; coming to its father and saying, “pretty! pretty!” At last the father fell asleep, and while he was sleeping the little child wandered away. When he awoke, his first thought was: “WHERE IS MY CHILD?” He shouted at the top of his voice, and all he heard was his echo. Running up a little hill, he looked around and shouted again. No response! Then going to a precipice some distance away he looked down, and there on the rocks and briars he saw the mangled form of his beloved child. He rushed to the spot, took up the lifeless body and held it to his bosom; accusing himself of being the murderer of his child. While he was sleeping….

But what is more tragic than this is that while many parents are “sleeping” the children wander off the “precipice” into the “pit” of spiritual indifference, moral shame, and eternal damnation. NOW is the time to give your child training in Christian principles; next year may be too late!

Too often, in these busy times, parents wait until their children get into trouble, then they “turn on the discipline” and are shocked when the only reaction they get is that of resentment. But why shouldn’t a child resent discipline from a parent who has completely neglected his training and spiritual development? WAKE UP, PARENTS. Don’t TAKE or SEND your child to Bible study, as well as all other services, BRING THEM; study WITH them, pray WITH them. SHOW them what it means to “be fruitful in every good work;” to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” (Col. 1:10; Mt. 6:33). It would indeed be tragic to be responsible for your child’s physical death, but it is far worse to be responsible for his spiritual destruction.  

                                  via, The Bible Instructor