Is the Bible the Word of God?

Quite simply, the answer to the above question is Yes! Without even looking about what the Bible says about its inspiration, there is plenty of evidence that it is a unique book. The books of the Bible were written by 44 men over a period of about 1500 years. When we look at secular writings from 1495 to today, the same period of time, we see that even “scientific” works contradict each other, merely because of the commonly held prejudices and beliefs of each time period. If the Bible is only a book written by several men over several years, we ought to see the same sort of contradictions. But we don’t! In fact, from beginning to end the Bible is in complete harmony with itself, and with history and all true science. You can check the Bible out historically, geographically, and scientifically, and it is all correct! If the Bible was just a book written by 44 regular men, with their own ideas and opinions over 1500 years, there is no way they could possibly have been in complete agreement about everything. But they are. The Bible is indeed God’s inspired Word.