A little church was having a homecoming service to which ex-members, who had moved away, were invited to attend.

One of the former members had become a millionaire.  When asked to speak, the wealthy man recounted his childhood experience.

He had earned his first silver dollar which he had decided to keep forever.  “but when a visiting missionary preached about the urgent need for funds in his mission work, and the offering was passed, a great struggle took place within me.  As a result,” the man said, “I put my treasured silver dollar in the basket.  I am convinced that the reason God has blessed me richly is that when I was a boy I gave God everything I possessed.”

The congregation was spell bound by the multimillionaires tremendous statement until an elderly little man seated in the front  row arose and said, “Friend, I dare you to do it again.”

There isn’t any more information on whether the rich man accepted the challenge or not.  If my commitment is what it ought to be, would I accept such a challenge?

                                                                                                          Via The Voice of West End