God honors men who take His Word seriously. Stephen Girard, Philadelphia millionaire, one Saturday ordered his clerks to come to work the next day and unload a large shipment which had just arrived. One young man stepped up to the desk and said, as he turned pale, “Mr. Girard, I cannot work tomorrow.” “Very well, sir,” said the millionaire, “go to the cashier’s desk and he will settle with you.”

For three weeks, the young man tramped the streets looking for work. One day a bank president asked Mr. Girard to name a suitable person for cashier of the new bank about to be opened.

After reflection, Mr. Girard named this young man. “But I thought you discharged him?” “I did,” was the answer, “because he would not work on Sunday. The man who will lose his employment from principle is the man to whom you can trust your money.”

“…So stand fast in the Lord, my beloved.” (Phil 4:1)