Bill Crews

Up and down in the land, day in and day out, by young and by old the banal little protest, “Don’t preach to me!” is heard. I cannot use it. My understanding, my conscience, and the needs of my soul won’t allow me. The Son of God came preaching. He died that the gospel of heaven might be proclaimed to lost and dying humanity. It has pleased God by the preaching that the world labels “foolishness” to save those who will believe (1 Corinthians 1:21). So, I say, “Preach to me!”

But when you do so, make certain that it is heaven’s will and wisdom, and not man’s philosophy and psychology. Hold up God’s mirror that I might see myself as I am (James 1:2-25). Use the Spirit’s sword to discern the very thoughts and intents o my heart (Hebrews 4:12). Tell me what God wants me to know, and believe, and do, and become. Seek not to please me, but to persuade me; not to soothe me but to save me; not to entertain me, but to enlighten me.

Preach that which I need to hear and not that which you think I want to hear. Tell me of my blessings that I might be grateful, my responsibilities that I might be faithful, and my opportunities that I might be diligent; but shun not to tell me of my sins, my transgressions, my neglect, my imperfections. At the risk of offending me and even of making an enemy of me, preach to me the whole counsel o God (Acts 20:27) — for in telling me the truth you are not my enemy, but my friend and God’s servant. With fear of God, reverence for the truth, love for souls, and concern for duty PREACH TO ME!