There was a day when I was young
I could run and jump and fall.
Then get right up and do it again
Without any trouble at all.

There was a day when time moved by
With the pace of the lowly snail.
The hours and days drug slowly on
And the years never seemed to fail.

There was a day I could work all night,
Then go on for most of the day.
With energy to do what I wanted to do
With enough left even to play.

Then suddenly life seemed quickly to change.
The days with haste fled away.
The months became years in a moment of time,
And my hair started showing the grey.

The strength that I knew in the days of my youth
Was prisoner to the passing of years.
Father Time was declaring the future for me,
I could take with courage, or fears.

So I decided as time sped on
That I’d keep my eyes on the goal:
A beautiful land where God with us dwells;
A land where we never grow old.

-Tom Holland